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Why do I need my AdWords account managed?

Companies often ask the question “Why should I spend money each month to have my PPC channel, AdWords Campaign, managed”?

The answer is simple – If you want good results, and your paid search channel to grow you need it managed. But also not just managed but managed by an agency, a consultant or in house by an expert.

Getting an expert to set up and build your AdWords campaign is only the first step to achieving great results. Testing, data analysis and always refining campaigns help towards this. And an important thing to remember is PPC is an extremely dynamic advertising space. Competitors are always optimising their campaigns so what worked last week might not work the next week.

We have worked with a number of companies who only want an AdWords campaign built and not managed. This approach will often lead to no YOY revenue growth and in some cases a decline.

Below is an example of a client’s revenue from their AdWords account. All of 2014 the account was being managed in house with only occasional tweaks here and there. It was generating a good amount of revenue and had a sustainable ROI.

From 2015 Biddable Solutions started managing the account. It was completely rebuilt and all of our expert PPC knowledge and technical and creative skills has been used to continually develop it.

The results are simple to see. Not managed = no growth. Managed = continued revenue growth.

Jan’15 – Jan’16 saw revenue increase by 180% whilst ROI increased by 125% and this month (Aug’16) is on track to hitting a very special milestone in revenue targets.

In summary a well-built AdWords campaign will help towards great results, but to actually get those excellent results your PPC campaigns need to be continually tested, optimised, developed – i.e. managed.

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