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What is Search Advertising?

Search Advertising is one of the most extensible forms of advertising available online. It’s undoubtedly the most measurable and targeted form of digital advertising for any business looking to build brand awareness or increase exposure to new products and services via search engine results pages.

The premise of Search Advertising is that every single advert you see on a search engine is involved in a running auction, where ad space is sold according to the bids received for a particular keyword, as well as the relative relevance of the ad to the keyword.

In its simplest form, the higher someone pays for an advert on Google for a particular keyword, the more prominent their advert is likely to be. However, this is also dependent on the quality of the landing page their advert is directing users to in terms of keyword relevancy and user experience.

Paid auctions… sounds interesting but how does it help my business?

Well – the real boon for any growing business is that a search advertising campaign can position their brand right in front of their target consumers when they are actively seeking your types of products or services and, equally, when they are oblivious to them!

Let’s take a working example:

You’re an insurance firm looking to sell cover online for the first time in order to widen your customer net. Professional indemnity insurance is a service that’s growing in demand due to the UK’s growing self-employed community, but how do you ensure freelancers and contractors browsing the web are made aware of the insurance you can provide?

That’s where Search Advertising can work so effectively. With clever ad placement – bidding on more generic ‘insurance’ terms as well as service-specific ‘professional indemnity’ terms – it’s possible to pique the interest of a wider range of potential customers.

Our business is really struggling with its SEO – is Search Advertising for us?

There are many reasons why your organic search marketing strategies aren’t quite performing for your business. For brands in highly competitive organic search listings, trying to rank at the top of the search engine result pages can be an impossible task when you’re up against well-established names and organisations.

Search Advertising, while not free, can enable your business to at least get some kind of visibility for the most competitive keywords, whilst giving you the power to really dominate more niche search terms.

How do you manage Search Advertising campaigns?

The last thing you want is to spend what Search Advertising budget you do have inefficiently. That’s why we take the time to build out any Search Advertising campaign, testing the effectiveness of keywords and ad copy before scaling up the ad spend.

We’ll also perform comprehensive market research in Google Analytics and comparing competitors to help identify other market opportunities and trends. We often spot seasonal trends for customers that can help form part of a more time-specific Search Advertising campaign, over Christmas for example.

It’s equally important to filter out negative keywords that you don’t want your ads to appear for in the search engine result pages. By conducting search queries we can spot any erroneous keywords that aren’t relevant to your business. For instance, a company selling new triple glazed windows could potentially include words like ‘software’ and ‘desktop programs’ as negative keywords to ensure their ads aren’t connected to Microsoft’s Windows brand.

If you like the idea of having your brand’s own online billboard – targeted to those either looking for your products or living within your service areas – at Biddable Solutions, we can work with you to define a cost-effective Search Advertising strategy that creates a new sales channel for your business and grows your brand awareness online.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01473 561002 or drop us a line using our simple online enquiry form.

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