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What is remarketing?

Another important facet of any successful multi-channel online advertising campaign, remarketing allows businesses to engage with visitors to their website who chose not to place an order or enquiry during their first time on-site.

What happens after their initial visit is really quite clever. You’ll be able to position targeted display or text ads in front of users that previously visited your website while they surf elsewhere online. The end result is another powerful online advertising channel that can increase sales conversions and grow brand awareness by engaging with those that have already interacted with your products or services.

How Google Remarketing can dramatically increase your ROI

Whether someone has visited your website, checked out your mobile app on the move or filled out a form with their contact details, remarketing helps your business to stay in touch with these potential customers by displaying your online ads to them on other websites’ advertising space as they browse the web.

How remarketing works is that a cookie is placed on the machine of every visitor to your website. This cookie is a signal to your remarketing list that a particular user has engaged with your website. Cookies can be dropped onto a user’s machine depending on a wide range of criteria. For instance, if you only want to remarket to users that visited a specific section of your website or those that added an item to their basket but failed to complete a purchase, you can segment your remarketing lists by user behaviour.

In terms of radically improving your bottom line, Google Remarketing gives your business the opportunity to reach out to consumers that have already shown an interest in you. In theory, they should be the consumers most likely to make a purchase and by providing regular touch points to direct them back to your website you can engineer higher sales activity.

Arming your business with a vast online reach

By remarketing to your customers through the Google Display Network your business immediately gets access to advertise across more than two million websites and mobile applications. Your display and text ads will appear throughout these websites and whenever a person within your remarketing list uses Google’s search functionality.

Best of all, Google Remarketing is highly customisable, with high-powered reports and insights available at the touch of a button to show you how your campaigns are performing, where your targeted ads have been visible and the price you’ve been paying for that exposure.

6 types of Google Remarketing

There are a number of remarketing formats you can utilise to maintain engagement with recent visitors:

Standard remarketing
Displays your remarketing display and text ads to users that have already visited your website while they browse websites and mobile apps that are part of the Display Network.

Dynamic remarketing
A format which takes standard remarketing to the next level – dynamic remarketing displays the specific products or services that users previously visited on your website, in a bid to maintain their interest.

Mobile app remarketing
Displays ads to those who have previously used your mobile app or navigated the mobile version of your website whilst they use other mobile apps and websites.

Search ads remarketing
Displays ads to those who have previously visited your website when they complete follow-up searches for what they are looking for on Google.

Video remarketing
Displays ads to those who have viewed your videos or YouTube channel when they browse other YouTube videos, websites and apps.

Email remarketing
If you’d like to reach out to users that have supplied your business with their email address, Google’s Customer Match allows you to upload lists of addresses to remarket to. So whenever they log in to their Gmail, your text ads will be visible at the top of their inbox.

By reaching out to people who have already visited key pages of your website, your targeted multi-channel communications can encourage them to visit again and make that all-important purchase.

At Biddable Solutions we can help your business understand where your visitors are in the conversion cycle and keep them engaged with your brand until such time that they are ready to hit that ‘buy now’ button.

If you’d like to know more about what remarketing can do for your online sales, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01473 561002 or drop us a line using our simple online enquiry form.

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