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What are Google Ad Grants?

Google Ad Grants are offered specifically to non-profit organisations and charities that need financial support with their search advertising campaigns to grow their visibility online and attract more memberships, volunteers and donations to their cause.

For non-profit organisations and charities the most important goal for their digital marketing is to share their message with those most likely to engage with it. The best way for any charity to deliver change in the cause they believe in is to drive awareness and ensure their message resonates with the people that matter the most.

That’s why Google Ad Grants exist within the Google for Non-Profits programme to help your charity appear in search ads when users submit keywords relevant to your charity and its cause. The grants cover text-based (search) advertising only, with no video or imagery covered.

More than 20,000 not-for-profit organisations based in over 50 countries are already benefiting from the scheme.

If you’re fortunate enough to obtain a Google Grant it’s a real opportunity for your charity to spread the word globally if you wish, or you can choose to hone in on people within your local area depending on your goals – it’s completely up to you.

How much can your charity claim?

Non-profit organisations can apply to receive $10,000 a month in free AdWords advertising credit. This can transform the scope of any search advertising campaign for your non-profit organisation, giving you the resource that you would otherwise need to find yourselves!

How do you apply?

Every grantee that receives a Google Grant must hit specific criteria in order to receive an ongoing monthly grant and maintain an active qualification.

To begin the process you need to apply to Google for Non-Profits. It’s important to note you’ll need to have your charity ID to hand when filling in your application form.

The majority of Google Grant applications tend to be reviewed within a matter of seconds but it can take between four to six hours on average for your application to be fully approved or rejected.

How to use your Google Ad Grant

If you have limited time to manage your Google Grant money for online advertising you can opt to use Google’s own AdWords Express service. This enables you to determine the location and time that your ads are visible online. However, you only get the option to choose your target demographic, submit three lines of text describing your organisation and set a daily budget.

If you want complete control over every penny that is spent from your Ad Grant, Biddable Solutions can work with you to build and optimise bespoke campaigns within AdWords.

Is this free money too good to be true?

Absolutely not – the Google Grants initiative is a wonderful online advertising solution for non-profit organisations, giving you the chance to do everything from appealing for more volunteers to receiving more donations – the lifeblood of any non-profit!

If you want to know more or would like support with your Google Ad Grant, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01473 561 002 or use our online form.

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