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Remarketing is a useful tool allowing you to re-engage with customers who have already visited your website. A lot of time, effort and money can be spent getting visitors to your site. Many visitors do not convert to a lead or sale immediately.

Reconnecting with these visitors can allow you to:

  • Drop visitors back into abandoned baskets
  • Get visitors back to complete signups and registrations
  • Up or cross sell based on existing purchases
  • Provide incentives/offers to new or existing customers
  • Assist optimisation of search activity (RLSA)

How will Remarketing Benefit my business?

  • Entice customers who have placed items in shopping basket back to finish their purchase
  • Show other products they may be interested in, on other websites they visit
  • Follow the customer journey with cross channel, cross device marketing

Who uses Remarketing?

Remarketing is used in combination with Shopping campaigns to drive higher sales results. Anyone using Shopping campaigns can benefit from using remarketing as well.

How does Remarketing work?

What makes it difference from standard Search or Display advertising is the targeting. By using a tracking code that places a cookie on the person’s browser, you can then advertise to that
person again.

We can create targeted lists that, for example, remarket to someone who added something to their shopping cart but hasn’t completed
the transaction.

Or, we can show ads to people who have watched your videos or YouTube Channel, as they browse other areas of
the internet.

This all works across different devices to allow you to reach your customers at every stage of
their journey.

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