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Why do I need a PPC review?

The best and highest performing accounts regularly review their PPC performance to see how they could do better.

  • Are your Google Ads campaigns performing as well as they could be?
  • Do you want an expert opinion on how your campaign compares against others?
  • Are there better ways to optimise your account?

We are happy to look over your accounts and give you recommendations on if they could be working better for you.

Here’s what we cover in your free review

Existing Account Set up
Keyword Analysis
Landing pages
Account Data
Channels for utilising
Bid management strategy
Any other questions that you have about your account

What happens after the review?

We’ll send you the report and call you and go through valuable recommendations on what you can do to improve account performance. If you’d like to meet up to discuss things further we’d be happy to arrange this.

PPC Review

Contact Biddable Solutions today to book in your free Google Ads account review with a Google Ads Professional.

We’ll call you back to collect the details we need to perform the review, and aim to have our report back to you within 2-3 working days.

Is it just a sales pitch?

The review offers you valuable insights into your PPC accounts and gives you an idea of how you can do things better. If you like our recommendations, we are happy to talk to you further about how we can support you in making those changes, but there is no obligation to use us.

Do you offer paid reviews as well?

Yes, if you need a more in-depth review of your account we can provide this. We can discuss your requirements and tailor a review suited exactly to your needs. We provide a quote up front for the work so you know exactly how much it will cost.

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