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Finally It’s Here – AdWords Device Bid Adjustments

Good news – Today Google AdWords launched globally device bid adjustments across all devices. Essentially this means that bid adjustments can now be independently applied to desktop and tablet.

Ever since Google rolled out Enhanced campaigns back in early 2013 desktop and tablet keyword bids have been mashed together. Luckily mobile bid modifiers were available on campaign level, which eventually moved to ad group level.

Like mobile, results on tablet devices can differ massively to desktop. This means they need to be optimised independently which from today they can. Today’s change is a big one and should really help advertisers to deliver better results.

Along with this update AdWords have increased the bid max percentage from 300% to 900%. This will transform how campaigns can be built and optimised and also allow for very aggressive bidding on specific devices.

The new features can be found in the campaign settings tab under devices.

What Next?

This change is huge. Anyone running AdWords campaigns needs to start thinking about a tablet bidding strategy. And also revising their desktop bidding. Essentially campaigns can be optimised completely differently from today and this change opens up many opportunities for new account structures.

We are very excited about working with this latest update and we’ll share some insights and tips over the coming weeks.

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